The attributes set your basic strengths and weaknesses. You can create a strong muscular rowdy or a charismatic tactician. There are four different attributes: Strength, Mobility, Dexterity and Charisma. By leveling up an attribute you increase each of the five associated skills. All related skills and attributes have the same color. An attribute is always pictured with a circle.

Strength shows you muscle power and vitality. It is needed when you are interesting in doing physically hard labor and work in bad weather.
Strength and it's associated skills are shown in red.

Mobility shows how much control you have over your body. By increasing your mobility you better your balance and reflexes.
Mobility and the associated skills are displayed in green.

Dexterity shows how well you are with your fine motor skills. This is needed when you are doing jobs that require very precise work.
Dexterity and its associated skills are shown in blue.

Charisma shows your appearance and personality. Its skills are mostly needed in jobs that require the contact with people or animals.
Charisma and its associated skills are shown in yellow.

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