Town Hall

The town hall is something of the gathering place for the town members. New construction projects are started here and new players are invited. With each level of the town hall the difficulty of building other building is lowered by five points. The maximum level of the town hall is 10.


The church is the place for a private prayer. Nobody knows what praying does. It takes 15 minutes but it is not useful to pray constantly.


You can secure your money in your bank account. The money in the bankcannot be taken in a duel. Money does not have to be withdrawn to spend it, the merchant takes it directly from the bank account when you don't have enough cash in hand. To deposit money in your bank account you have to visit your town. With each level of the bank the more money can be deposited for each player. From the bank you can also put money into the town treasury.


The saloon has two functions. In your own towns saloon you can receive and complete quests. In other towns the saloon is the place to challenge the players to a duel.


At shops you can buy items. To buy an item all you have to do is click on it or drag it into your inventory and confirm. The money is deducted and the item moves to your inventory. Buy prices are four times the market value in other towns. You also have the option to sell items and products you carry with you. The sales prices are the same no matter where you sell an item. You have to be in the town where the shop is located to buy or sell. You can use the sign post to go to the town. With each level shops offer new items. The new items are almost always better than the old ones but not every level gives new items for each kind. The items offered in a town are random. Every town has different items for sale.

The tailor sells all kinds of clothing items. You can buy hats, shoes and body clothes. The maximum level of the tailor is 10.

The gunsmith sells both melee and firearm dueling weapons. You can also buy guns there. The maximum level of the gunsmith is 15.

The general store sells neckbands and animals. The maximum level of the general store is 10.


The sheriff is supposed to keep the town safe. It is not yet implemented.


The mortician is needed to challenge other players to a duel. If your town does not have a mortician, you cannot challenge anyone, but you can still be challenged by other players. The mortician only has one level. Inside it shows some dueling statistics of the town including the number of duels won by town members and how many member have passed out.


In the hotel you can sleep. While you are sleeping you regenerate energy and health points much faster than usually. No one can challenge you in a duel while you are in a hotel. If you get knocked out in a duel or get hurt enough during work that you pass out, you get taken to the hotel in your own town. A high level hotel has better rooms available. It costs more money to stay in a better room, but you regenerate much faster if you stay in a good room. Staying in the hotel in your own town does not cost you anything. Adventurers can stay in level 1 and 2 of foreign hotels for free. The maximum construction level is five.


Residences are needed to accommodate more town members. The building is not clickable in town. Per level the residences hold five players. The maximum level is ten.

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