To get money and experience points you need to work or duel other players. Each job has different values for wages, experience and luck and by that they all have different advantages. Each job is available on many different spots on the map. It does not matter which one of those spots you work at, the values are the same for each one. The motivation is also the same.

Jobs are shown on the map in a brown circle. Jobs that you are not ready for yet are shown with a transparent picture.

To begin working on a job you have to click on the job symbol on the map.

To begin working you have to select the work duration and click 'OK'. The distance shows the time it takes to reach the job site. Walking there and starting the job are done automatically. You can only work on one job at a time. Once you are done with your work you get a report with the wages and the experience points you have received. If you are lucky you might find an item or two during your work. Every job has risks and you can always get hurt. Working on a job is exhausting. It costs Energy Points.

Cancelling work

It is always possible to cancel the work you are doing right now or jobs you have queued to be done later on. Just click on the X next to the job. You still receive wages and experience for the job, the amount is calculated from the last finished work segment. If you cancel after working 40 minutes, you'll receive payment and experience for 30 minutes. If you cancel after 115 minutes, 60 minutes are used for calculation. If you cancel a job assignment while walking to the job site, you instantly jump back to the beginning point of your journey. If you have the 'Automation' Premium account and you cancel the 2nd job in your queue, your character walks straight to the 3rd job you had selected when he's done with the last job.

Job list

The job list is organized into tabs by difficulty. 1-49, 50-99, 100-199, 200-299, 300-399, 400-499, 500-599.

Job name and icon Product Wages(1).png Experience(1).png Luck(1).png Danger(1).png Diff. Skill Requirement
Shining shoesJob_Shining_shoes_icon Quarter.png 3% 2% 3% 2% 0 Skill_toughness_icon.png Skill_fine_motor_skills_icon.png Skill_fine_motor_skills_icon.png Skill_tactics_icon.png Skill_trading_icon.png
Scare birds off the field Raven_feather.png 1% 3% 1% 20% 0 Skill_construction_icon.png Skill_shooting_icon.png Skill_setting_traps_icon.png Skill_tactics_icon.png Skill_animal_instinct_icon.png
Putting up posters Poster.png 2% 3% 0% 10% 0 Skill_stamina_icon.png Skill_horseback_riding_icon.png Skill_hiding_icon.png Skill_setting_traps_icon.png Skill_fine_motor_skills_icon.png
Picking tobacco Tobacco.png 6% 1% 2% 2% 0 Skill_toughness_icon.png Skill_fine_motor_skills_icon.png Skill_fine_motor_skills_icon.png Skill_tactics_icon.png Skill_trading_icon.png
Tending pigs Ham.png 3% 1% 0% 1% 1 Skill_toughness_icon.png Skill_stamina_icon.png Skill_leadership_icon.png Skill_animal_instinct_icon.png Skill_animal_instinct_icon.png
Picking cotton Cotton.png 1% 4% 0% 3% 1 Skill_toughness_icon.png Skill_stamina_icon.png Skill_fine_motor_skills_icon.png Skill_leadership_icon.png Skill_trading_icon.png
Stream fishing Fishing_rod.png Trout.png 1% 0% 6% 2% 2 Skill_hiding_icon.png Skill_swimming_icon.png Skill_swimming_icon.png Skill_swimming_icon.png Skill_repairing_icon.png
Picking sugar cane Sugar.png 5% 2% 4% 1% 3 Skill_vigor_icon.png Skill_toughness_icon.png Skill_fine_motor_skills_icon.pngSkill_repairing_icon.png Skill_trading_icon.png
Mucking out the stables Pitchfork.png 4% 5% 2% 6% 7 Skill_toughness_icon.png Skill_horseback_riding_icon.png Skill_repairing_icon.png Skill_animal_instinct_icon.png Skill_animal_instinct_icon.png
Selling Newspaper *The Western Star* Newspaper.png 6% 1% 2% 1% 8 Skill_horseback_riding_icon.png Skill_horseback_riding_icon.png Skill_trading_icon.png Skill_trading_icon.png Skill_appearance_icon.png
Harvesting fields Grain.png 2% 6% 2% 4% 10 Skill_vigor_icon.png Skill_toughness_icon.png Skill_stamina_icon.png Skill_horseback_riding_icon.png Skill_fine_motor_skills_icon.png
Tending sheep Wool.png 3% 5% 0% 2% 11 Skill_toughness_icon.png Skill_stamina_icon.png Skill_leadership_icon.png Skill_animal_instinct_icon.png Skill_animal_instinct_icon.png
Picking berries Berries.png 2% 6% 5% 6% 15 Skill_toughness_icon.png Skill_toughness_icon.png Skill_hiding_icon.png Skill_fine_motor_skills_icon.pngSkill_fine_motor_skills_icon.png
Mow pastures Sickle.png 5% 7% 3% 3% 21 Skill_vigor_icon.png Skill_horseback_riding_icon.png Skill_fine_motor_skills_icon.pngSkill_animal_instinct_icon.png Skill_animal_instinct_icon.png
Picking corn Corn.png 4% 7% 8% 5% 22 Skill_fine_motor_skills_icon.pngSkill_tactics_icon.png Skill_trading_icon.png Skill_animal_instinct_icon.png Skill_appearance_icon.png
Picking beans Beans.png 9% 7% 4% 5% 22 Skill_stamina_icon.png Skill_fine_motor_skills_icon.pngSkill_leadership_icon.png Skill_tactics_icon.png Skill_animal_instinct_icon.png
Milling grains Flour.png 11% 7% 0% 5% 24 Skill_vigor_icon.png Skill_toughness_icon.png Skill_stamina_icon.png Skill_horseback_riding_icon.png Skill_fine_motor_skills_icon.png
Guarding the fort Union_flag.png 3% 9% 2% 7% 24 Skill_reflex_icon.png Skill_shooting_icon.png Skill_leadership_icon.png Skill_appearance_icon.png Skill_appearance_icon.png
Prospecting Fools_gold.png 11% 3% 5% 7% 30 Skill_toughness_icon.png Skill_reflex_icon.png Skill_swimming_icon.png Skill_trading_icon.png Skill_trading_icon.png
Repair fences Hammer.png 7% 11% 5% 6% 35 Skill_fine_motor_skills_icon.pngSkill_repairing_icon.png Skill_repairing_icon.png Skill_animal_instinct_icon.png Skill_animal_instinct_icon.png
Cowboy Tbone_steak.png 5% 17% 0% 11% 38 Skill_horseback_riding_icon.png Skill_horseback_riding_icon.png Skill_reflex_icon.png Skill_tactics_icon.png Skill_animal_instinct_icon.png
Tanning deer skin Leather.png 12% 15% 5% 18% 39 Skill_toughness_icon.png Skill_stamina_icon.png Skill_swimming_icon.png Skill_fine_motor_skills_icon.pngSkill_trading_icon.png
Hunting turkey Turkey.png 3% 14% 7% 21% 42 Skill_reflex_icon.png Skill_hiding_icon.png Skill_hiding_icon.png Skill_shooting_icon.png Skill_setting_traps_icon.png
Picking tomatoes Tomato.png 13% 12% 7% 11% 42 Skill_horseback_riding_icon.png Skill_fine_motor_skills_icon.pngSkill_leadership_icon.png Skill_tactics_icon.png Skill_trading_icon.png
Laying railroad tracks Glass_of_water.png 10% 18% 5% 10% 44 Skill_construction_icon.png Skill_construction_icon.png Skill_stamina_icon.png Skill_repairing_icon.png Skill_leadership_icon.png
Build irrigation system Spade.png 7% 13% 15% 6% 44 Skill_construction_icon.png Skill_horseback_riding_icon.png Skill_repairing_icon.png Skill_leadership_icon.png Skill_tactics_icon.png
Cutting trees Wood.png 18% 5% 2% 21% 47 Skill_vigor_icon.png Skill_vigor_icon.png Skill_stamina_icon.png Skill_reflex_icon.png Skill_appearance_icon.png
Branding cattle Horn_of_a_cow.png 8% 25% 0% 35% 49 Skill_horseback_riding_icon.png Skill_reflex_icon.png Skill_setting_traps_icon.png Skill_animal_instinct_icon.png Skill_animal_instinct_icon.png
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