Repair Fences

Given by:

Sheriff John Fitzburn

Quest line:

The cattle herd



Quest text:

Sheriff John Fitzburn: Man I'm tired. It was crazy at farmer Simmon's today. The whole neighborhood helped fix his fence. It seems that a few vandals tampered with it last night. I'd like to get my hands on them… We're still not done and the cattle seem to be all over the place. It would be great if you could help fix the rest of the fence. Oh, yes, I forgot my hammer over there. It would be great if you could bring it back to me.


Bring back the hammer of the sheriff.


Hammer 1/1


+ 1 skill point towards repairing

How to complete:

Read the Jobs section on how to get a job. You will need to do the "Repair fences" job until you receive one hammer.

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