Given by:

Maya Roalstad

Quest line:

Erik's Flight



Quest text:

Maya Roalstad: My brother Erik messed up again and had to make a bolt for it. He's such a good boy, I mean, he just stole a horse… OK, it was Sheriff Fitzburns horse. That wasn't a smart idea, no question about that. Now the whole town is plastered with warrant posters and I don't want to have some scumbag go and bowl down the poor kid for a few bucks. Please, could you go and rip those stupid things off as quickly as possible? I'm sure I'll get your poncho done by the time you get back here.


Take down enough posters to have three left over.


Poster 3/3


+ 20 Experience Points
Red poncho

How to complete:

Read the Jobs section on how to get a job. You will need to do the "Putting up posters" job until you receive three posters.

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