Given by:

Barkeeper Henry Walker

Quest line:




Quest text:

Barkeeper Henry Walker: Welcome to my saloon. My name is Henry Walker, I'm the barkeeper. Are you new to this area? Are you interested in earning a few bucks? You see that guy over there at the poker table? People call him Defeat Double-faced Jules. I just saw him pull an ace out of his cuff again. I don't like cheaters in my saloon. Could you please kick him out for me? I'll pay you 5 dollars for it!
Hint: Press the button "Challenge Defeat Double-faced Jules" to kick him from the saloon.


Defeat Double-faced Jules


Defeat The Double-faced Jules



How to complete:

When you accept the quest, there will be a bar at the bottom of the quest screen enabling you to duel double-faced Jules.

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