Just A Dream

Given by:


Quest line:

Fire Heart



Quest text:

Waupee: I see that my special tobacco recipe had a great effect on you. You spirit has been strengthened and you are ready for the next task. I want to tell you about Manitu. I would like you to bring me the fruit of the Peyote. I will prepare you a meal from that fruit, this meal will make you have a very special dream. Manitu will rise and speak to you and he will give you a special skill. That skill makes the members of my tribe to be such tough people. We can withstand every winter, no matter how hard it is… Are you ready for Manitu?
Hint: As a reward for this quest you receive the premium bonus 'More Energy'. It gives you a maximum of 150 energy points and the energy recovers 50% faster.
You can extend that premium advantage at any time.


Bring Waupee five berries


Berries 5/5


+ 4 days premium "More energy"
+ 40 Experience points

How to complete:

Read the Jobs section on how to get a job. You will need to do the "Picking berries" job until you receive five berries.

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