Scare Away Crows

Given by:

Barkeeper Henry Walker

Quest line:




Quest text:

Barkeeper Henry Walker: Hello Player! I'm happy to see you. I have to ask for a favor again though. The crows are causing big damage this year. Could you please go out to the fields and get rid of them?
Hint: Find the job Scare birds off the field and work for 10 minutes. Then come back to the saloon.
Job_Scare_birds_icon Scare birds off the field


Scare away birds from the fields for ten minutes.


Scare birds off the field (10 minutes)


+ 2 Skill Point
+ $ 7

How to complete:

Read the Jobs section on how to get a job. You will need to do the "Scare birds off the field" job for ten minutes to complete this quest.

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