The Petty Henchman

Given by:

Sheriff John Fitzburn

Quest line:




Quest text:

Sheriff John Fitzburn: Putting up the posters was really useful. I've received a tip that one of the guys is hiding in a shed here in town. He's pretty small and will only aim at your arms. I'm sure you won't have much trouble when you use your bottle to fight him. He probably won't have a weapon at all. Go there right away!
Hint: The dueling weapon decides the damage you can do with a hit. A good weapon can make all the difference and might even give you a chance against much stronger players.


Beat the little henchman.


Defeat Sidekick


+ 30 Experience Points

How to complete:

When you accept the quest, there will be a bar at the bottom of the quest screen enabling you to duel the sidekick.

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