The Search

Given by:

Sheriff John Fitzburn

Quest line:




Quest text:

Sheriff John Fitzburn: Hello, I'm John Fitzburn and I'm the Sheriff in town. Those were a few good hits you gave that cheating gambler. You seem to be cut out to be a good saloon fighter. I could really use your help. Two scoundrels are causing trouble in the area. They are robbing farmers and ambushing traveling settlers. Could you please put up those posters for me? You can bring back the ones you have left over.
Hint: Look for the job "putting up posters" on the map. In this job you can get the product "poster". It might take a while until you have two, so you have to be a bit patient. It might be a good idea to do some other jobs in between. Quests are a good way to guide your character, but concentrating on them too much is not the most effective way.


Put up enough posters to have two left over.


Poster 2/2


Broken clay jug

How to complete:

Read the Jobs section on how to get a job. You will need to do the "Putting up posters" job until you get two Posters to complete this quest.

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