Tobacco Shortage

Given by:

Barkeeper Henry Walker

Quest line:




Quest text:

Barkeeper Henry Walker: Hello Myndaen, there you are again. I have a big problem. I have no more tobacco and I badly need some. As long as the saloon is open I can't get away to get some either. Can you please go to the next tobacco plantation and bring me a tobacco leaf.
Hint: To get the needed tobacco you have to work on a tobacco plantation. Take a look at the map and find a tobacco plantation. When you click on it you can work on the plantation. It takes three minutes to pluck a tobacco leaf.
Job_Tobacco_icon.png The job Picking tobacco


Pick a tobacco leaf!


Tobacco 1/1
Confirm E-Mail Address


+ 1 Skill Point
+ 2 Experience Point

How to complete:

Gather 1 Tobacco

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