In the character menu you can upgrade your character by raising your attributes and skills. The numbers show the level that the character has in that skill or attribute. With each level the character gains he receives one attribute point and three skill points. Some quests also give skill and attribute points.

The number in the circle shows how many attribute points can still be distributed. The square shows how many skill points are available.

Attribute and skill points

To distribute attribute and skill points you just have to click on the attribute or skill you want to upgrade. The level goes up by one point per click. You have to click 'confirm' to finalize the selection. You can cancel it if you made a mistake. Once points are distributed it cannot be undone anymore.

If the level for an attribute or skill has been raised with an item, the level is shown in green.


There are 20 different skills. Every skill is connected to an attribute. By raising the attribute level, all 5 connected skills are raised as well.

To work on better jobs you need higher skill levels. The skills construction, health points, dodging, aiming, shooting, repairing, leadership and animal instinct give additional advantages.

Skills chart

Skill_construction_icon.png Skill_vigor_icon.png Skill_toughness_icon.png Skill_stamina_icon.png Skill_health_points_icon.png
Skill_horseback_riding_icon.png Skill_reflex_icon.png Skill_dodging_icon.png Skill_hiding_icon.png Skill_swimming_icon.png
Skill_aim_icon.png Skill_shooting_icon.png Skill_setting_traps_icon.png Skill_fine_motor_skills_icon.png Skill_repairing_icon.png
Skill_leadership_icon.png Skill_tactics_icon.png Skill_trading_icon.png Skill_animal_instinct_icon.png Skill_appearance_icon.png
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