Towns play a central role in The West. Here you can bind with other players and build up a strong, powerful town. Every building you work on gives advantages to you and the other players. You can not join more than one town at a time. To switch to another town you must leave your old town first.


Founding a town

To found a town you need 300 dollars and 80 energy points. Locations that allow the founding of a town are shows just like any other job site on the map. The picture shows a spade on a blue background. Founding a town takes 8 hours. You can select the name of the town freely, but the name has to be unique.

Joining a town

To become member of a town you need an invitation. Only the town founders and counselors can send out invitations. It is very important to become member of a town as The West lives on team play. Especially for new players it is often better to join an existing town and not to found your own. It usually isn't a good tactic to write to the town that is ranked number 1. The chance that they invite you is very small. It is better to write to a town where the players are ranked about as high as you are.

Ghost towns

Ghost towns are abandoned towns. When the last member of a town leaves it becomes a ghost town. Buildings in ghost towns cannot be used anymore. The hotel and bank close down and so do the shops. It is possible to reawaken a ghost town. Doing this costs the same as founding a new town. The big advantage of taking over a ghost town is that the buildings keep their old levels. When taking over a town you are shown the points that the town will have after completion.



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